our sofa-beds have a robust and supportive structure in order to transform between bed and sofa. the main advantage is saving space. so that you may use more space in your home or living room with this type of furniture, they are very comfortable and standard as both sofa and bed.

Overview of the features of Hirkan sofa-beds:

  • Easy convertibility: Efficient structure that is easily transformed to a bed or sofa.
  • Strong structure: Especialy designed to support body weight and pressure in both modes as sofa and bed .
  • Convenience: Convenient to use as both bed and sofa, they are super-comfortable to recline and sit on, the perfect resting spot.
  • Elegant Design: Elegant, attractive and suitable for interior decorations, they are designed to adapt and match with the environment according to your taste.
  • Construction Quality: Hirkan products are made through a team of experts, who care diligently about quality of materials and durability.

Hirkan Wood Industry Co. regards the ergonomics of the body and designs comfortable sofa-beds according to the needs and tastes of the customer.

With a long experience in making furniture, the company has deep roots in the art of interior design. Due to advanced technology and a team of experts, we guarantee effecient and practical designs for your place, making it unique and absolutly comfortable.