Manufacturing and Designing of Cabinetry in Rasht

Cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen with the utmost advantages for arranging space regarding aesthetic interior decorations and ease of access to utensils. Kitchen design should be considered from two main aspects; one is the appearance and exterior of the cabinets and the other the qualitative and functionality of its design. Attending to these factors help to design and build ideal cabinetfo your kitchen.

Different types of cabinets according to the material includes:

  • Wooden Cabinets.
  • Melamine Cabinets.
  • MDF Cabinets.
  • High-Gloss Cabinets.
  • Membrane Cabinets.

In Hirkan Wood Industry, there are varieties of raw materials to choose from according to your needs and taste, from the best natural woods to engineered coatings and colorful veneers.

Some examples of our kitchen designs in Rasht

Different samples of cabinets and styles

Our main styles of cabinet designs include modern, classical, and neoclassical, combining modern and classic patterns.

  • Modern style cabinets: incorporating simple and minimal patterns. The design of these cabinets include minimal accessories with apealing colors
  • Classic style cabinets: This category of cabinets have expensive hardwares with luxurious appearance and carvings and fretworks. However, most customers prefer simpler details with less decorative patterns. For these customers the ideal choice would be the neoclassical style.
  • Neoclassical style: uses neutral colors, simpler easier carvings than the classic styles, larger interior spacing of the cabinet with more height, and it is less luxuries than the classic style.

Hirkan wood industry utilizes the newest machinery and dedicated designs with a profesional team, to install cabinets with the highest quality. To observe the different kinds of our cabinets, the following represents some of our designed and installed models.

The simple process of ordering cabinet in Hirkan wood industry

The process of designing and manufacturing your desired cabinets starts when you contact our experts and order your needed product.

Initially our experts will visit the location of the cabinets in order to interact and communicate with the customer about the details and important points regarding the product. after taking notes of the customer demands, the obtained information is refered to our design department for further progress.

In an interactive process, the type of cabinets, decoration and color and other nuances of the products are reviewed and determined so that the final plan is provided to you through using special softwares in 3D form waiting for your confirmation or final necessary changes .

Finally, the approved design is sent to the production unit and the process of construction begins. Our experts will ensure the delivery of the product in the shortest possible time according to your request and with the desired quality.

Some of our cabinet designs and constructions in Rasht